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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1 - 4:30 pm (EST)


Transformational Coach, Mastery Certified - Transformational Coaching Method (TCM); Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN); Certified Yoga Instructor; Somatic Sex Educator (in-training)


Ashley Maina is a Life & Leadership Coach screened and recommended by Holistic Health Collab for her expertise in Feminine Embodiment.

About me: 

I'm a mentor and guide for the ambitious woman and mother who wants to feel fulfilled and embodied as a woman, not just as a wife, mother, or career achiever. By harnessing the power of healing through belief re-patterning and pleasure, I will help you reinvent yourself with ease and I will teach you how to ‘Turn Yourself On’. You can read more about the power of this work here.

Area of expertise: 

Reinventing Yourself, Habit Change, Holistic Health and Wellness, Mindset, Healing Old Patterns, Feminine Embodiment, Inhabiting Your Sensuality, Self Leadership, Clarity, Purpose, Passion

Why I love what I do: 

I love seeing others come alive once again and re-awaken their true essence inside that has been dampened by life, or perhaps by becoming a mother. Shepherding another woman through this process to help them rediscover, reconnect, and reawaken their own truth is such a gift.

How I hope to help you: 

I hope to help you feel like yourself again! To feel alive, turned on to life, and inspired and excited for what you can create. Whether you want to feel connected to your sensuality and feminine essence, or you want to reinvent how you do work or your relationship, it all starts with you and how you show up for yourself. I hope to help guide, teach, and walk with you along this path towards awakening.

What your expectations of working with me should be

If you are willing to do the work, you can expect transformation through bi-monthly 1:1 coaching and mentorship including support, home-play practices, and accountability in between

States I operate in: 

I operate via online video or audio sessions in all states

If you are interested in learning more about working with a Life & Leadership Coach like Ashley, you can visit the Ashley Maina website here.


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Julia, PhD and mother to 3
I've had more a-ha moments in three sessions with Ashley than I have had in therapy. I feel like I have a path to take. I finally feel like someone understands what it is I'm asking for, why I'm asking for it, and can help me get there.
From burnt-out contractor to an entrepreneur with a solid plan in the same industry - Sheila
Before working with Ashley, I was in a rut - with Ashley's coaching, I have definitely shifted towards a positive view of my self and learned how to better do self care with confidence. Coaching with Ashley is motivating, encouraging, supportive. Ashley was able to systematically help me work through the insecurities and self doubt that sits so deeply hidden in women of my age. I feel more ready to take on the independent business world with confidence.
Ali V., Licensed acupuncturist
Before working with Ashley, I was experiencing a lack of energy, clarity, and direction. Coaching with Ashley is insightful, awakening, and energizing - she's non-judgmental and holds space confidently and calmly for transformation. I gained clarity regarding what is holding me back from experiencing my ideal life/self. It provided motivation and tools to enact change. This experience was really amazing and I wish everyone had an opportunity to do it because it provided space to access where we are vs where we would ideally like to be. I think everyone needs the space and time to have that experience. [Experience of a 1/2 day intensive

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