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Marnel Hesterman
Incite Inspirations (Emotional Wellness Specialist for Women)
Certified Life Coach and Tapping Practitioner
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Certified Life Coach and Tapping Practitioner


Marnel is a Certified Life Coach and Tapping Practitioner screened and recommended by Holistic Health Collab for her expertise in Tapping.

About me: I am a wife, mother, nama, daughter, sister, aunt, friend & entrepreneur. I love learning new things. I like racquet sports, walking, and my zen is floating in/on water whenever I can. I enjoy reading, dancing, playing cards, games and engaging in social interactions. I have a passion to help women overcome any emotional challenges they may be having in their lives. I am a trauma survivor and have years of life experience.

Area of expertise: My area of expertise as an Emotional Wellness Specialist for Women, (Certified Life Coach and Tapping Practitioner) is helping women when they are feeling less than satisfied with life. Helping women to work past the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. I help to release the emotional attachments and limiting beliefs that leave women feeling inadequate, unworthy or not good enough. I help them release emotional attachments to traumas. If a woman is feeling emotional about anything, frustrated, overwhelmed, sad, angry, guilty, resentful, regretful, fearful, helpless, or hopeless, I use my skills in my process to help clients achieve life changing results. I ask really good questions that get to the root of the issues presented. "It's not about what's wrong with you, it's about what's happened to you".

Why I love what I do: Women come to me when they are feeling dissatisfied with life, when something is bothering them, upsetting them, or they are struggling to cope with past traumas, or present day life. I have the pleasure of helping them get to the root of whatever is going on for them, and create relief and healing. When I see the shift in their mental/emotional state and their physical state, as we release the emotional attachments to the trauma and upsets they have experienced, I am still awed, and grateful to do the work that I do. My process has worked every time, with all but one client in over 12 years, that I have had my practice. The confidence I have in my process is why I offer a Guarantee on all of my sessions, that you either feel better about whatever we have worked on in your session or you do not pay. I love helping women, create an emotionally healthy ripple in their families, their communities, and in the world. I am so fulfilled, by my work each and every day and grateful that I have been blessed with these gifts.

How I hope to help you: Emotional Wellness (Coaching/Tapping/Visualizations and Affirmations) is a gentle non-invasive process to relieve mental and emotional stress that can affect all areas of life. I have a process that has helped hundreds of women!! I have seen: Physical pain subside or disappear. Self-love, and confidence return. Fears disappear. Relationships healed, and transformed. Athletic performance improve. Calm and clarity while writing tests, and test results improve. Easing of the empty nest syndrome; replaced by excitement for you and your child. Cravings for snack foods and drinks eliminated, supporting our lifestyle goals. Fear of medical and dental treatment eliminated, enabling us to take better care. New perspectives on grief and loss embraced, allowing peacefulness within. Sleep patterns improved. Clients go from terrified too excited about public speaking. Clients resume life and activities that they were unable or unwilling to do prior to an Emotional Wellness Session. Forgiveness of self and others, allowing more inner peace. Flying fears eliminated. Driving fears eliminated. Motherhood confidence increase. Ability to say no confidently increased. Ability to stand up for oneself increased. Confidently have photos taken. Share talents and gifts confidently. Writing blocks erased. Self-worth increased. Ability to be seen and heard increased. Limiting beliefs and behaviours related to trauma released. Business success increased. Clients let go of things that are beyond their control, allowing for more peace. Anxiety eased and eliminated. Worry about the future decreased or eliminated. New approaches to joy and happiness. Helplessness and hopelessness replaced with new brighter perspectives. Fear of failure released. Clients join gyms and exercise classes. Clients ask for raises and promotions. Clients ask for forgiveness and release guilt and shame. Change your "BUTS" and "WHAT IF’S" to "WHY NOT NOW?" AND "IF NOT NOW, WHEN?" and so much more..... I love supporting and guiding women to regain their calmness, confidence, and clarity.

What your expectations of working with me should be: I do not claim to cure any illness or ailment. However, I can relieve some physical pains just by releasing the emotional attachments that cause us to have stress within our bodies and minds. I can help you get to the roots of your emotional pain, of your feeling dissatisfied and blocked. I can help you let go of the emotional attachments to past and present traumas and upsetting events and experiences. Whatever your emotional upset is about, whatever your stress is about, I can help you to let go and see new perspectives and other options for moving forward. You will be seen and heard, you will never be judged for your feelings. Your feelings are your feelings and they should never be stuffed down and ignored.

States I operate in: I offer virtual sessions, worldwide, in English only

If you are interested in working with a Certified Life Coach and Tapping Practitioner like Marnel, you can visit the Incite Inspiration's website here.


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Christine Swift - Swift Insurance & Financial Solutions Inc.
I first met Marnel at a Wine, Women and Business event. She came off as very trusting and I thought why not, what do I have to lose!! As luck would have it Covid arrived and we were never able to meet in person. I have only practiced tapping with Marnel over zoom and it works! She gets to the bottom of your pile of goop that is holding you down and lifts you out of it! She also has many other good ideas. I love working with Marnel and dealing with things I never knew still resonated with me. Marnel has been instrumental in helping me, work on me.
Linda Relling
I first visited Marnel in her home office several years ago. I had heard her speak at a wellness conference and was drawn by her manner and special healing modality, which was unknown to me. I recently attended 2 online sessions, and as bizarre as things are right now with the pandemic, she was able to pull off a professional, worthwhile service. Marnel’s manner immediately made me feel safe, unjudged. I always felt that I could trust her. She is skilled at honing in and asking key questions, to shine a light on key issues. I think what impressed me most, is the ability to use her intuition, along with quick, putting it all together, to "hit the nail", on the head, as to what issue to work on. Thus each session felt valuable and worthwhile. It is easy to see, that she does this because she wholeheartedly believes in it and her reason, is because she genuinely cares for her clients and wants insight and healing for them. She has given me access to more peace, in chaos!! Thanks,
Tammy C
To put it simply, Marnel has a gift! I tend to feel guarded when meeting new people and I’m not usually comfortable sharing personal information right away. This was not the case when I met Marnel. She is one of the most compassionate and non-judgemental people I have ever met. In our first session I immediately felt safe in her space and comfortable sharing my personal experiences and feelings. Before I started tapping with Marnel I was in survival mode and not really living life. I was not overly optimistic about my future and was feeling tired and worn down most days. I had never heard of tapping but was willing to try almost anything to release myself from the feeling of being “stuck”. I was amazed at how Marnel could so quickly connect current issues in my life to past adverse childhood experiences that I had no idea were still affecting me. Marnel also helped me to realize I was holding on to negative thought patterns and beliefs about myself that were causing me to be stuck in my past. Through tapping and her profound ability to introduce a higher level of understanding to my issue and offer me a healthier perspective I have released many of the negative emotions from my past. Marnel is truly “present” for her clients during sessions and keeps you focused on the core issue so you can let it go. I have been seeing Marnel for EFT for the past few months and can honestly say I never thought I’d feel this good or optimistic about my future. New opportunities in both my personal and professional life have presented themselves and I’m learning to let go of my perfectionism and to love myself. I am able to really listen to my inner voice and honour my own needs without the feeling of guilt which is improving my overall health and well-being. I look forward to continuing my work with Marnel and I highly recommend her to everyone. She is a gift!
Linda Stimson
I approached Emotional Wellness Specialist, Marnel because I was feeling stuck and I didn’t want to be. I really wanted to move forward, but my old tapes and unrealistic beliefs were stunting my future happiness. One session addressed more emotional issues than I had hoped; freeing up my anxiety about moving forward, and I was able to carry out my dreams. I was totally shocked by the impact that one session had on my limiting life beliefs. I am no longer wasting valuable time with anxiety attacks and worrying about what if…. I can now move forward and enjoy the happiness of my life’s dream. I absolutely felt safe and comfortable in the treatment space provided and with Marnel. I would recommend Marnel Hesterman/Emotional Wellness and Tapping to anyone who suffers from fear and anxiety.
Audrey Winter
I am so thankful I found Marnel! I picked up her pamphlet at a health food store. I've known about Tapping/EFT for a long time but never did much with it. What I read totally resonated with me and I booked 6 appointments with her!! Wow! The first session we worked on a sister relationship that's had me in tears for 15 yrs.!! I got such a release from it that first session it feels like a miracle!! I am no longer stuck in those thoughts!! Each of the six sessions have been amazing. I am free from many of the thoughts and beliefs that have been weighing me down. It's sometimes even funny what comes up with the layers being peeled away. I had some epiphany's that I would never have put together without the help of Marnel!! I wholeheartedly endorse Marnel and her work! I say book today! You will not be disappointed and you will feel freer than you have in a long time! (Why hold onto your baggage any longer! Time to release it!!:)

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